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Open Positions

We are always looking for motivated students to join our lab for internships ("Wahlpraktika") or Bachelor/Master theses. Open PhD and PostDoc positions will be indicated here.
Please contact Dennis directly if you want to join the team or need more information.



Reaction mechanisms & kinetics

In computational studies, we unravel the forces behind reactivity and selectivity in organic reactions. Using available tools, or developing our own, we shine light on reaction mechanisms and expand our knowledge of organic chemistry.


Science illustration & communication

Visualization and communication of concepts in organic chemistry and research output is an important part of being a scientists. We are creating impressive visualizations for teaching organic chemistry at TU Wien. Additionally we are building tools to bring concepts in organic chemistry to the broad public.



Machine Learning in organic chemistry

Harnessing the power of machine learning, we develop methods to predict and optimize advanced chemical tools in a fast and efficient way.


Bioorthogonal click reactions

Using combined experimental and computational studies, we optimize bioorthogonal click reactions (Nobel Prize in chemistry 2022!) for the use in cancer treatments and beyond. This topic is in collaboration with the team of Hannes Mikula.

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