We value collaborations with other theoreticians and experimental groups. Together we can achieve things we could not do on our own.

We currently are working on projects with 7 other research groups and collaborated with 11 more in the past.

Ongoing Collaborations

Topic: Pericyclic reactions

Together with Ken Houk we are working on different aspects of pericyclic reactions.

Representative paper:

D. Svatunek*, M. Wilkovitsch, L. Hartmann,  K.N. Houk, H. Mikula*

Uncovering the Key Role of Distortion in Bioorthogonal Tetrazine Tools That Defy the Reactivity/Stability Trade-Off

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022, 144, 8171-8177

Kendall N. Houk

Past Collaborations

Topic: Mechanism of cycloadditions

Together with the group of Dale Boger we investigated the mechanism of the cycloaddition between 1,2,3-triazines or 1,2,3,5-tetrazines and amidines.


Z. Wu, K.N. Houk, D.L. Boger*, D. Svatunek*

Mechanistic Insights into the Reaction of Amidines with 1,2,3-Triazines and 1,2,3,5-Tetrazines

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022, 144, 10921-10928

Dale Boger